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Last year I reviewed Davina’s 7 Minute Fit. I enjoyed the dvd, and I was keen to see what this year’s dvd would bring. I pre-ordered Davina 5 Week Fit and it arrived the day after Boxing Day, so I started with it the next morning, much to the amusement of S who apparently loves nothing more than to sit on the sofa of a morning and watch her mother prance about.

This dvd comprises 5 seven-minute workouts and a stretching routine. The workouts each come with a 3-minute booster at the end – in case seven minutes wasn’t enough!
There’s also a 21-minute Ultimate Fitness Challenge, a workout designed to test your stamina.
And because Davina and Ed think of everything, there are even two different warmup routines – so that you don’t get bored of doing the same one every day.

The extra special part about this dvd though, is that it’s been designed as a specific 5-week plan, with a planner inside the case to show you which workouts to do on which days.

The workouts are all fairly self explanatory: Hiit Workout, Full Body Fat Stripper, Ultimate Legs, Box Fit and Ultimate Abs. I have a very small floor space in my living room and am able to complete all of them without running out of space. Most of the exercises are done on the spot, or stepping from side to side.

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